Battletech dev’s pulpy strategy The Lamplighters League out in October

Shadowrun and Battletech studio Harebrained Schemes’ extremely promising pulp-inspired tactical turn-based strategy adventure, The Lamplighters League, now has a release date, and is launching for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Game Pass on 3rd October.

The Lamplighters League unfolds in an alternative version of the 1930s, where players – taking control of the titular organisation’s gang of misfits and scoundrels – travel the world in an effort to thwart the Banished Court cult’s nefarious schemes.

It’s an adventure that’ll swoop from dockyards and other urban corners to far more exotic locales, including deserts and jungles. Here, players must battle the Banished Court’s army using a mix of real-time infiltration, stealth, turn-based tactical combat, and team management.

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