Huge New GTA Online Expansion Out Now, Patch Notes

Rockstar has released GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries, the latest expansion to GTA 5. San Andreas Mercenaries introduces a variety of new content, such as quality-of-life improvements, new missions, a career progress feature, and so much more.

Some of the new missions for GTA Online will include you working with Carlie Reed in Project Overthrow. In these missions, you’ll be tasked with attacking Merryweather Security. The story will span over six missions and be playable with up to four people. To play Project Overthrow, upgrade the Mammoth Avenger and use the new Operations Terminal.

The Operations Terminal will also give you access to the Los Santos Angels missions. These missions will consist of three contracts that’ll reward you with outfits and cash. As you play through them, you’ll be doing various activities, such as “jumping out of a chopper and onto the deck of an aircraft carrier under cover of darkness,” using EMPs to “knock out a government installation,” and more.

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