Overwatch 2 Season 5 Battle Pass Rewards: All Skins, Emotes, And Highlight Intros

Overwatch 2 Season 5 has arrived, bringing a new battle pass, which is themed around fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. This means fantasy skins for characters like Orisa, Genji, and Kiriko, in addition to the Mythic skin for Tracer. The Season 5 battle pass also brings a few changes compared to the previous four seasons. Instead of the Mythic skin being at tier 80, which would unlock all customization options for it, it is split into tiers 45, 65, and 80, with each tier unlocking more customization options.

There is also story content set up around this season’s battle pass, featuring a Dungeons and Dragons-like game being run by Tracer for some of the other members of the Overwatch team. At certain tiers in the battle pass, you gain the next chunk of story, which you can view from the battle pass menu.

There is not a new hero this season, but there are two events to look forward to. The first event is the return of The Summer Games, which will bring the limited-time mode Lúcio Ball back and introduce a new volleyball mode. This event is also when the Lifeguard Mercy skin will be available in the shop. The second event is Mischief and Magic, which will bring even more fantasy cosmetics and Overwatch 2’s version of a Prop Hunt game mode.

Down below you can see what items you unlock at each tier in the premium Overwatch 2 battle pass, including skins, highlight intros, emotes, icons, and more.


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