Remedy Is Open To Having Alan Wake Appear In Fortnite

When Alan Wake 2 arrives this October, it may wind up as one of the year’s darkest and scariest experiences. It is, after all, Remedy’s first survival-horror game and focuses largely on ritualistic and cultish murders in the Pacific Northwest. The Seven-inspired sequel is sure to be a moody horror story. And yet, with Epic Games publishing, there also seems to be a strong possibility of Alan Wake himself, and new co-lead Saga Anderson, coming to the bubbly and bright Fortnite in the future.

Everything seems to come to Fortnite eventually, so during a longer talk with Remedy creative director Sam Lake, I took a second to get Remedy’s temperature on a possible crossover.

“I think that would be an interesting thought and a conversation [would need] to be had with them,” said Lake. “Let’s see if they would be interested in something like that. Then we could seriously talk about it and think about it.”

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