Was Microsoft’s Xbox Showcase 2023 the best games event of the summer season?

The Xbox Showcase 2023 might have been the most interesting presentation of the not-E3 season, with Fable, Forza Motorsport, Avowed and Starfield leading a pack of other titles coming to Microsoft Xbox consoles and PC. To discuss the proceedings, a trio of Digital Foundry members – John Linneman, Oliver Mackenzie and Alex Battaglia – sat down to provide some insight and analysis into the titles as shown for a special Digital Foundry Direct. There’s plenty to get excited about here – alongside some more questionable decisions that also deserve a critical eye.

Note that this article focuses on the bigger games detailed in the conference in the interests of time and space, but the video embedded below contains our full reactions.

The Xbox presentation kicked off with the first footage of Fable, the long-awaited RPG sequel to 2010’s Fable 3. The game is under development at Playground Games and uses the same engine as Forza Horizon 5 – the first time this engine will be used outside of a racing game! Given how lush FH5’s environments were though, it makes a surprising amount of sense for an open-world RPG too.

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