Female Fortnite Streamer’s Car Allegedly Set On Fire By Stalker

A man from New York allegedly drove hundreds of miles to reach the Ohio home of popular Twitch streamer Kylee Carter. Carter (known as justfoxii on the streaming platform) says the man then set fire to her Jaguar.

28-year-old suspect Farhan Jami was arrested in mid-May, and is currently in custody in Ohio, awaiting trial for felony aggravated assault in relation to the incident, according to information obtained by Polygon.

Carter, age 25, has a dedicated following on Twitch, with nearly 600,000 subscribers regularly tuning in to watch her play Fortnite and chat with them. On June 14, Carter uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “a twitch viewer set my car on fire…” The video–which has been viewed over 85,000 times in under 24 hours–features footage of the streamer’s car set ablaze, along with other clips that were captured by security cameras during the May 16 attack on Carter’s home.

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