Grab A Free Steam Game At Fanatical

After months of sci-fi terror, survival horror, high-octane digital stunts, and more content that raises your blood pressure, it’s time for a lo-fi break from 2023’s never-ending onslaught of GOTY contenders. Over at Fanatical, you can chill out with the delightful PC game Alchemy Garden, all for the low price of nothing. Absolutely nothing at all, unless you count mouse clicks.

To get this game, all you have to do is sign up for Fanatical, subscribe to the newsletter, add the game to your cart, and check out. And there you go, one game code will be yours and can be redeemed on Steam. You’ll also get a 5%-off coupon to use on your next order.

Alchemy Garden is a life-sim game that focuses on the finer pursuits of a chill lifestyle. There are gardens to tend to, plants to nurture, and unique spaces in which you can concoct a variety of potions.

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