Twitter is getting evicted from its Colorado office over unpaid rent

It’s another day, so here’s another entry in the endless “Twitter is slowly becoming an empty husk” conversation. A judge just evicted the company from its Boulder, Colorado office after three months of unpaid rent, totaling over $75,000, as originally reported by TechCrunch. This all started after the landlord took the company to court, according to the Denver Business Journal. The judge sided with the landlord and has given Twitter until the end of July to vacate. 

This is a unique scenario, as Twitter didn’t pay traditional rent for the office. Instead, it was provided a letter of credit worth $968,000 back in 2020, using this credit to pay the landlord. However, the line of credit ran out a few months back and Twitter failed to make any additional payments. Reports indicate that the office is still active, with around 150 in-person employees, down from 300 at its peak. The company’s San Francisco landlord is also suing the company for unpaid rent. In related news, Elon Musk has been adamant about ending remote work, but that’s likely to be difficult without, you know, office space.

TechCrunch unearthed another Colorado lawsuit aimed at Twitter, as a local cleaning company claims the social media site didn’t pay its bills, totaling nearly $100,000 for services rendered. Former employees are also suing the site to reimburse more than a million dollars in unpaid legal fees and the city of San Francisco is investigating potential building code violations regarding its main headquarters. Other lawsuits directed at Twitter reference the imprisonment of a Saudi dissident and mishandling of FTC-based rules and regulations, among others.

Twitter disbanded its press arm and its trust and safety council, so there’s nobody to reach out to for comment.

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/twitter-is-getting-evicted-from-its-colorado-office-over-unpaid-rent-185026284.html?src=rss


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