Valorant’s Team Deathmatch Mode Promises “No Econ, All Action”

Valorant, Riot’s tactical hero-shooter, is getting a Team Deathmatch mode, and it promises “No econ, all action.”

Team Deathmatch, which arrives June 27 alongside the game’s major 7.0 patch, is a big change of pace for Valorant. The game is known for its round-based gameplay that is heavily inspired by Counter-Strike, where players must carefully manage their funds each round to acquire weapons, consumables, and abilities. Dying in a round means sitting the rest of it out.

In Team Deathmatch, none of that will matter. Players will respawn every 1.5 seconds and there will be no economy to speak of. Over the course of the match, each player’s loadouts will be automatically upgraded. Stage one of the match will see players battling it out with pistols, for example, before later becoming progressively more deadly. The fourth and final stage will let players battle it out with the game’s two most popular weapons, the Vandal and Phantom assault rifles.

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