WoW: Dragonflight’s New Augmentation Spec Is A First For Blizzard’s MMO, In More Ways Than One

World of Warcraft’s newest class, the Evoker, is about to break even more new ground for Blizzard’s long-running MMORPG.

When Dragonflight released last year, Evokers were the first class in the game to be tied exclusively to a new race, the draconic dracthyr. They were also the first to feature “empowered” spells, where players could power up certain abilities by holding down ability keys. Come the release of the game’s upcoming Fractures in Time update, Evoker will be the first class in the game’s nearly 20-year history to receive a new specialization mid-expansion. That specialization, too, will be unprecedented. Though still technically labeled as a DPS, the new Augmentation spec for Evokers will be unlike anything else currently in the game, with a buff-focused playstyle never seen before in WoW.

In an interview with GameSpot, senior game designer and Evoker design lead Graham Berger said the third specialization had been planned for during Dragonflight’s development. But because a support-style DPS role had never been done before, Augmentation didn’t arrive for launch. The team wanted to make sure they had their “ducks in a row” and had good answers to all the big questions adding a new dynamic to the game would bring. Taking their time allowed the team to debut the new spec alongside narrative quests that push the story of the dracthyr and their understanding of their place in the world forward. Augmentation will automatically be unlocked for all Evoker players with the arrival of patch 10.1.5, but the narrative justification will be there for players who want to dive in and learn more.

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