Become A Member Of The Incredibles In Minecraft’s New DLC

Mojang has recently announced that The Incredibles will be coming to Minecraft in a new DLC. The latest DLC introduces a variety of new content, as well as several superheroes to play as.

Just like the Dungeons & Dragons and Mega Man X DLC, this expansion will offer a story mode for you to play through. The upcoming DLC will take place in a town called Municiberg that’ll have “villains creeping in the dark, plotting to destroy humanity.” You’ll be forced to fight villains from the films such as The Omnidroid, Screenslaver, Underminer, and their minions.

You’ll also have the chance to play members of The Incredibles, which include: Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, Mrs. Incredible, and Mr. Incredible, as well as the legend himself, Frozone. When you’re not playing the DLC, you’ll also have access to nine skins from the movies that’ll be a blend of heroes and villains. In addition to playing as characters from the film, you can put the Incredibles Supersuit on your character. To play this DLC, you’ll need to spend 1,340 Minecraft coins (Minecraft premium currency), which comes out to roughly $8.

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