One-person company that makes League of Legends stat tool gets $55M buyout

Character rankings for June 2023 on League of Graphs

Enlarge / The top of League of Graph’s June 2023 rankings for League of Legends characters: Most popular, highest winrate, highest banrate, and winrate changes, after Patch 13.12. (credit: League of Graphs)

Wargraphs is a Paris-based company that, until last week, had one employee, 35-year-old Jean-Nicolas Mastin, and made two major products: League of Graphs and Porofessor.

If you don’t play or watch League of Legends matches (or TeamFight Tactics or Legends of Runeterra), you’ve never heard of these apps. If you do, the dense stats of League of Graphs, and the in-game tool to see them, Porofessor, can be invaluable tools to understanding the win rates, character picks, and other deep stats of each competitive player. Gold, kills, and “creeps” per minute, “Kill participation,” “Wards placed,” and other stats are updated in real time, as are the popularities of each player character, providing some instant meta discussion.

The tools, in development since at least 2013, are dense, colorful, and can be loaded into your game with the help of another tool, Overwolf—itself the recipient of $52.5 million in funding two years ago, valuing the company at more than $500 million. And they’re based on Riot Games’ API.

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