The Flash Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained

The Flash is a lot of movie to absorb. It’s got time travel and a multiverse, multiple Batmen, multiple Flashes, and a Supergirl. It’s not a simple movie, in other words, and it’s certainly not one that’s easy to explain. So let’s dive in.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Flash, including all the details of its ending.

The Flash has two main modes. There’s the fun and light-ish Back to the Future mode, which is most of its running time–the first 90 minutes or so. Barry, having accidentally discovered his ability to time travel when he took off running as fast as he could during an emotional moment, goes back in time and prevents his mother’s death. But this has ramifications–Barry has spawned a new universe where Michael Keaton is Batman and none of his other superfriends exist.

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