Twitch will give smaller streamers a bigger cut of subscriptions

Twitch is giving livestreamers a considerably stronger incentive to grow their audiences. The service plans to roll out a Partner Plus program that will give more successful creators a 70 percent share of their net subscription revenue instead of the usual 50 percent, up to a $100,000 threshold in the calendar year. A partner will qualify by holding on to at least 350 recurring paid subscriptions (gifts and Prime don’t count) for three months. If they meet that standard, they’ll get that 70 percent cut for the next 12 months regardless of whether or not they stay above the 350-subscription mark. This can extend indefinitely.

Partner Plus launches October 1st, and will automatically include anyone who meets the requirements for the three prior months. The program will be available worldwide, and doesn’t offer anything beyond what Premium Partners (major creators who’ve negotiated special deals) receive.

This effort comes months after Twitch announced plans for an identical cap for Premium Partners. Twitch president at the time (now CEO) Dan Clancy claimed in September this wouldn’t affect 90 percent of relevant streamers, and that increased ad payouts would help make up the difference. However, that might still irk major streamers who depend on Twitch for a living — they’re effectively taking a pay cut. There’s a risk this may prompt other streamers to jump to YouTube and other platforms if they receive more lucrative terms.

Not that Twitch is necessarily concerned. Partner Plus increases the practical income for many more streamers than Premium, encouraging them to stick to the service — particularly if they’re in the early stages of a livestreaming career. That theoretically increases the overall number of available channels, and keeps viewers from drifting to rivals.

Twitch has faced some difficulties in recent months, including a backlash over the Premium revenue split and the impact of parent company Amazon’s mass layoffs. Partner Plus isn’t guaranteed to solve matters, but it does suggest Twitch is willing to significantly alter its strategy in response to these problems.

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/twitch-will-give-smaller-streamers-a-bigger-cut-of-subscriptions-180903534.html?src=rss


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