Diablo 4’s Nightmare Dungeons Will Be Getting A Big Efficiency Boost Ahead Of Season 1

Diablo IV’s Nightmare dungeons will be receiving a major buff ahead of the game’s first season, Blizzard has announced.

In the first “fireside” chat for Diablo IV on Twitch, game director Joe Shely discussed recent hotfixes that made farming normal dungeons less efficient when it came to leveling up and gaining items. In order to make Nightmare dungeons, which are intended to be a key part of Diablo IV’s endgame, more appealing, Blizzard will be improving the amount of XP rewarded by Nightmare dungeons.

Part of making Nightmare dungeons more efficient overall is to reduce the amount of time it takes to travel to the dungeons themselves. As it stands now, players have to travel to the nearest waypoint and then manually run to the dungeon entrance. Blizzard in the near future will be making it so Nightmare Sigils will create a waypoint for the corresponding dungeon that players can travel to, greatly reducing travel time and making Nightmare dungeons more efficient to farm.

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