A few promising places to start as Steam Next Fest returns with ‘100s’ of demos

Steam Next Fest, Valve’s semi-regular celebration of gaming things to come, is back for another week of developer chats, livestreams, and an intimidating stack of “hundreds” of demos likely to thwart even the most committed completionist.

Proceedings are now firmly underway, continuing until next Monday 26th June, and Valve has provided a full list of available demos and livestreams for those eager to dive right in. But should decision paralysis strike, you’ll find a few potentially promising places to start – based on some of the games Eurogamer has been harbouring mounting excitement for in recent times – below.

The list is far from exhaustive, of course, and all the games I’ve included are largely known quantities – it’ll take a lot more poking around Valve’s subterranean depths before Steam Next Fest’s latest batch of hidden gems reveals itself. But in the meantime, while the poking continues, perhaps the following will provide some initial inspiration – and if anything catches your eye as you do your own deeper delving, feel free to share in the comments.

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