EA’s ‘Immortals of Aveum’ is delayed until August 22nd

Immortals of Aveum, a fantasy first-person shooter that EA is publishing under its Originals umbrella, was one of our highlights at Summer Game Fest earlier this month. Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait a bit longer than expected until you can dive into Ascendant Studios’ upcoming game. The developer has delayedImmortals of Aveum until August 22nd, a month after it was previously scheduled to arrive.

“In order to realize our full vision, we are going to take a few extra weeks, making our new launch date Tuesday, August 22nd,” game director Bret Robbins and the Ascendant team wrote in a blog post. “This will give us time to further polish the game, finish optimizing all platforms and deliver a strong launch. We owe it to ourselves and to you to get this right.”

Ascendant, which counts several former EA and Telltale developers among its ranks, started work on its first project as a self-funded studio five years ago. Although Immortals of Aveum is a first-person shooter, it eschews guns for magic. You’ll have an array of spells at your disposal.

Immortals of Aveum is one of the first major games built in Unreal Engine 5 (UE 5.1, to be precise) to be released and the visuals certainly look impressive. However, during our hands-on preview at Summer Game Fest, Engadget Senior Editor Jessica Conditt ran into a bug that temporarily broke the game when a door failed to open. Here’s hoping Ascendant can use the extra time to squish that bug and work out any other kinks.

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