Halo Infinite Loses Story Cutscenes For Season 4, 343 Focusing On Gameplay Features

Halo Infinite’s fourth multiplayer season is here, but this season–and possibly future seasons–will be missing story cutscenes that have up to this point accompanied each new season, developer 343 Industries has announced.

The news comes via community director Brian Jarrard, who announced the change on Twitter. Stating that the developer had “refined top priorities and shifted resources internally,” the decision was made to cut seasonal narrative cutscenes in favor of having the team focus on bringing “highly requested features” and other improvements to Halo Infinite instead.

“These trade-offs are never easy to make, and we truly appreciate your support as the team works to make Halo Infinite the best experience possible,” Jarrard writes. “While the job is far from over, Season 4 marks another big step forward and we remain committed to this journey with the Halo community.”

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