Hearthstone Classic Mode Being Retired For New “Twist” Format

Hearthstone will soon be retiring its Classic Mode and replacing it with a new, more dynamic way to play called Twist. Like Classic, you’ll be able to climb ranks in Twist just like the Standard and Wild modes, but unlike those other modes, Twist will be regularly rotating new unique mixtures of sets and themes to play with.

A Twist beta will launch with patch 26.6, coming later this month. Twist formats will be composed of specially curated card pools and rule sets, which means that every new Twist season will have a new meta to figure out. Twist will be in beta during the June and July seasons, with an official launch coming later.

The beta format will be called New Age, which will include the Core Set along with every set released since Ashes of Outland. That makes 11 active sets in all, much more than Standard format which tends to include six sets at a time. The beta format will also include a special variant: no neutrals. That means you’ll have a much wider card pool to choose from, but only class cards will be allowed. On June 22-23, some Hearthstone Twitch streamers will be giving a special preview of the Twist beta, and tuning in can earn you packs from all the New Age sets.

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