Opera’s generative AI-infused browser is ready for the masses

Opera says its generative AI-infused browser is ready for public consumption. Opera One is now out of early access. It’s more broadly available on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it from the company’s website.

Opera features an integrated AI called Aria that you can access from the sidebar. You can use a keyboard shortcut (CTRL or Command and /) to start using Aria as well. The AI is also available in Opera’s Android browser starting today.

The AI stems from Opera’s partnership with ChatGPT creator OpenAI. Aria connects to GPT to help answer users’ queries. The AI incorporates live information from the web and it can generate text or code and answer support questions regarding Opera products. In addition, Opera One can generate contextual prompts for Aria when you right click or highlighting text in the browser. If you prefer to use ChatGPT or ChatSonic, you can access those from the Opera One sidebar too.

Opera says users don’t have to engage with the browser’s AI features if they don’t want to. For one thing, you’ll need to be logged into an Opera account to use Aria.

Additionally, Opera One has a fresh look based on modular design principles. Opera says this will help the browser adapt to users’ needs by surfacing key features. “The relevant modules within Opera One will adjust automatically based on context, providing the user with a more liquid and effortless browsing experience,” it wrote in a blog post.

Opera is hoping to clean up tab clutter as well with a feature it calls tab islands. Opera One uses context to group related tabs together such as hotels and routes you might be looking at for a trip itinerary, or all the Google Docs you have open for a work project.

Meanwhile, Opera has retooled the browser under the hood. It employed a new architecture with a multithreaded compositor in the aim of offering a faster and smoother user interface. The company says this approach will also help it add new features and make Opera One stand out from other browsers based on Chromium. It said more AI-focused updates are in the pipeline for later this year.

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/operas-generative-ai-infused-browser-is-ready-for-the-masses-070013098.html?src=rss


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