Street Fighter 6’s PC port is competent but lacking in ambition

Street Fighter 6 on PC is OK. It’s good in some areas, mediocre in others and downright poor in some respects, but it is at least competent – which is far from a sure thing with the current state of PC ports. With a modicum of effort, it’s easy to get a flowing, stutter-free, performant experience. However, it’s also remarkably unambitious, with very little attempt made to scale the experience beyond the confines established by the console versions.

The game doesn’t start off in a particularly promising manner, however, owing to how long it takes to get access to the options screen to change settings. There are the EULAs to navigate and the requirement to sign up for a Capcom account, while everything initially runs in windowed mode for some reason.

It took me around 15 minutes from first boot to actually get control of the game which is an astonishingly high level of friction, leaving a bad first impression. And it may actually take longer than that actually because less powerful CPUs require a shader pre-compilation step, which you don’t need to do on more powerful processors.

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