Apple’s expanded self-repair program covers the iPhone 14 and newer MacBooks

Apple is widening its Self Service Repair program to cover its more recent devices, and it’s reducing some of the hassles in the process. As of June 21st, you can get the parts, tools and manuals needed to fix the iPhone 14 range as well as the M2-based versions of the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. You can also fix the TrueDepth camera and top speaker on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models in the US, UK and seven European countries. M1-based desktops like the iMac are also included, Apple says.

Crucially, you won’t have to call Apple to finish your repairs. The System Configuration tool, which verifies and authenticates fixes with official parts, now works simply by putting a device into Diagnostics mode and following instructions. While staff will still be on hand if needed, they’re now strictly optional. The tool is vital for a fully functional device as it not only calibrates parts, but ties biometrics (such as Face ID and Touch ID) to the Secure Enclave.

The program effectively gives users many of the repair resources previously limited to Apple technicians. You can buy necessary components and either buy or rent necessary tools. While it’s potentially expensive, it may be more viable than conventional support if you’re comfortable with fixing electronics and don’t want to send your hardware to someone else. This may be particularly helpful if you don’t live close to an Apple-certified repair shop.

As before, Self Service Repair isn’t an entirely altruistic gesture. The company is facing increasing pressure from national and state governments that are passing Right to Repair laws and regulations. The European Union wants to mandate replaceable batteries, for instance. Apple’s program potentially heads off legal trouble alongside efforts that include easier-to-repair devices.

Apple isn’t alone. Samsung, Google and others have similar initiatives either in-house or through alliances with do-it-yourself companies like iFixit. Although self-repair isn’t practical for many people, the option is now relatively commonplace.

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