Codenotary brings its immutable database to the cloud

Codenotary‘s focus is on software supply chain security and monitoring Kubernetes deployments, but at the heart of these services is the company’s popular open source immudb immutable database. At this point, the playbook for commercializing popular open source projects seems pretty immutable, too, so it’s maybe no surprise that Codenotary today announced immudb Vault, a tamper-proof database cloud service.

“Immudb Vault has the potential to transform the way businesses store, share and access data securely with cryptographic verification of integrity,” said Dennis Zimmer, CTO and co-founder of Codenotary. “Before immudb Vault, businesses sometimes resorted to using ledger technologies and blockchains to share data with their counterparties, resulting in slow performance, complexity, high cost, and regulatory headaches.”

Immudb uses various cryptographic techniques to ensure data can only be appended and never changed or deleted. This ensures that logs are guaranteed to be correct and unmodified, all without the overhead of using blockchain tech and the headaches and slow performance that come with that. The company promises that immudb can handle millions of transactions per second.

Developers can access immudb Vault through a REST API and now, with today’s release of immudb 1.5 (which is what Vault launches with), the team significantly improved performance and added support for JSON ingestion and new data types.

Vault is available for free for up to 10,000 stored documents or up to 250 megabytes (whichever comes first), with paid plans starting at $69/month.

Codenotary brings its immutable database to the cloud by Frederic Lardinois originally published on TechCrunch


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