EA Is Being Sued Over Its New College Football Game

Upcoming sports title EA Sports College Football has seen EA hit with a lawsuit by The Brandr Group, which has deals to negotiate group licensing contracts for 54 NCAA Division 1 schools. The lawsuit alleges that EA’s current opt-in licensing arrangement for players is an attempt to go behind The Brandr Group’s back on licensing.

As reported by Front Office Sports, the lawsuit was filed in a federal court in the Northern District of California. Court documents alleged that EA has been in contact with The Brandr Group multiple times throughout 2021 and 2022 about EA Sports College Football, with EA saying it would go through The Brandr Group for licensing deals with athletes at its schools.

Instead, EA is partnering with a company called OneTeam Partners to offer college athletes opt-in name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals, with each player offered a flat payment of around $500 with no royalties. The College Football Players Association has urged players to boycott the proposed deal, calling it “just a ridiculously low amount of money.”

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