Jennifer Hale and David Hayter on voice acting for VR, reuniting for Synapse, and Shrivelled Snake

Jennifer Hale and David Hayter are two of the most prolific voice actors in the industry today. Their careers span decades, with TV, film and video game credits to their names.

Last week, I sat down to chat with them both about their upcoming PSVR2 game, Synapse. This PSVR2 release will see the two actors working together once again (Hale was Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear series, where Hayter of course played Solid Snake).

Synapse’s action plays out in a twisted mindscape that combines firepower and telekinesis with a striking art style. Hayter plays Colonel Peter Conrad, a once-respected black ops leader gone rogue, while Hale plays handler Clara Sorensen. Clara guides players through the Colonel’s mind, as you (a highly trained operative) are transported into his neuro-synaptic relay, in a bid to stop a devastating global attack.

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