Star Ocean: The Second Story R Is An HD-2D Remake Of The PlayStation Original

PlayStation RPG classic Star Ocean: The Second Story is getting an HD-2D remake and releasing on a Nintendo console for the very first time. Star Ocean: The Second Story R is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 on November 2.

The remake was announced at the latest Nintendo Direct. When federation officer Claude is stranded on a mysterious world, he must team up with the magic-wielding Rena to discover the secrets of this world and unravel a galaxy-wide conspiracy. At the beginning of the game, you choose either Claude or Rena to be the hero and then play through the rest of the game from their perspective.

The game includes over a dozen potential party members. Decisions made and the hero chosen will affect what characters can be recruited. Like the original game, battles are real-time affairs. The remake adds new features, like stunning foes with chain attacks and unleashing the special attacks of allies who are not in your current party.

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