Xbox Series X Consoles And Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions Are Getting A Price Increase

Microsoft will be increasing the price of its Xbox Series X consoles and Game Pass subscription service across the world. While the console price will remain the same in the US, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia, in the rest of the world, the new pricing will see it match the PS5 and its recent global price hike.

“We’ve held on our prices for consoles for many years and have adjusted the prices to reflect the competitive conditions in each market,” said Kari Perez, head of communications for Xbox, to The Verge. The new pricing will set the MSRP of the Xbox Series X to £480 in the UK, €550 in several European markets, CAD $650 in Canada, and AUD $800 in Australia as of August 1. As for the Xbox Series S, its price won’t be increased and will remain the same in all markets where it’s sold.

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, on the other hand, is getting a global price increase from July 6. In the US, it’ll increase from $15 a month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to $17, and the base Xbox Game Pass subscription will go up from $10 to $11. PC Game Pass pricing will remain the same, and if you’re an existing Game Pass monthly subscriber, these new changes will only take effect from August 13, or September 13 if you live in Germany.

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