How Long To Beat Final Fantasy 16 – Main Quests And Completionist Estimates

Final Fantasy XVI is here exclusively on PlayStation 5, and the action-RPG marks a new approach to a mainline entry for the long-running franchise. Historically, Final Fantasy games are quite long in runtime as they’re narratively driven and typically feature tons of optional content. FFXVI follows suit, but with this one leaning heavily towards action gameplay and a somewhat linear structure, so it can be a shorter endeavor depending on your approach. Whether you mainline the story quests, dabble in sidequests, or take part in the various forms of optional content, here’s how long FFXVI will take to finish.

How long is Final Fantasy 16?

If you strictly follow the main quests of FFXVI, the ones marked with a red quest icon, you can get through the game in roughly 30 hours. It’s a cinematic experience with low-key quest objectives interspersed with action-heavy dungeons, boss fights, and Eikon battles, so the game takes time to deliver those elements.

However, sidequests are relatively important to the Final Fantasy experience and FFXVI has plenty of these between the major story beats. Within your homebase called The Hideaway and in the various open regions throughout the game, green quest markers will pop up signifying a sidequest. Those with plus signs in the marker indicate sidequests that unlock new gameplay features, such as unlocking the Chocobo mount. If you do all the sidequests and the main story, finishing FFXVI would take somewhere between 45 to 50 hours.

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