Inside Extraction 2’s Ridiculous 21-Minute One-Take Action Scene

In a new Variety profile, filmmaker Sam Hargrave took on the challenge of raising the bar with the action-packed sequel Extraction 2 for Netflix. The first film, released in 2020, featured a 12-minute sequence filled with car chases, gun battles, knife fights, and explosions.

Collaborating with producer Joe Russo, Hargrave explored the concept of crafting an even more extended sequence for the sequel. The result was a meticulously planned and executed 21-minute continuous shot. The scene features black ops specialist Tyler Rake infiltrating a prison to rescue the family of a violent gang member. As they make their escape and board armored vehicles, a chase ensues, including a helicopter landing on a moving train.

Throughout the ambitious shoot, safety remained a top priority for Hargrave. He dedicated five months to thorough preparation and rehearsal. Hargrave emphasizes, “With the complexities of the train sequence… it had to be choreographed and meticulously planned so that nothing went wrong.”

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