Marvel Set Up A Fake Meeting To Buy Samuel L. Jackson’s Stolen Avengers Script

In a recent roundtable interview with Entertainment Weekly, Samuel L. Jackson discussed the heightened security protocols implemented by Marvel Studios after his watermarked script for The Avengers was stolen from the production offices.

Jackson revealed that Marvel Studios went to great lengths to protect its intellectual property, including shooting down drones attempting to capture unauthorized set photos and footage. “They shot one down,” Jackson said. “And they followed one back to where the dude was. They found him and, yeah, they got him.”

“There are worse examples than that,” Jackson added. “I remember when we got ready to do Avengers, someone printed out a copy of my Avengers script that had my watermark on it, and put it online for sale. I was shooting in Canada and Marvel came to Canada. It had been printed in the production office… They found out who it was, dude quit, left the country. They set up a fake buy for the script, dude didn’t show up. It was crazy.”

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