Persona 5 Tactica Has A Launch-Day Edition Exclusive To GameStop

Persona 5 is going tactical with the upcoming Persona 5 Tactica. The turn-based strategy RPG features the cast of Persona 5 in an all-new adventure due out on November 17 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox. Preorders for the game recently went live, with multiple physical and digital versions of the game available. Each edition comes with its own bonus content, and some versions are only available from specific retailers, so we put together this Persona 5 Tactica preorder guide showing you all the versions, preorder goodies, and where you can preorder.

Persona 5 Tactica Preorder Bonuses

Persona 5 Tactica preorder bonuses
Persona 5 Tactica preorder bonuses

All physical and digital Persona 5 Tactica preorders include the Orpheus Picaro–based on Orpheus from Persona 3–and the Izanagi Picaro–based on Izanagi from Persona 4–as free bonus Personas you can summon in-game.

Preorder Persona 5 Tactica Launch Edition (Physical Only)


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