The Sims 4’s Horse Ranch expansion is official, coming 20th July

Why, it’s horse, of course! As widely expected thanks to a few cheeky leaks earlier this week, The Sims 4 is ushering in a new age of the equine for its next paid expansion; Horse Ranch, as the release is known, arrives on 20th July for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Horse Ranch’s primary focus is Chestnut Ridge, a new rustic prairie world inspired by the American West. Here, players can live out an idyllic life – either in a traditional country cabin or in something with a few more mod cons – caring for mini goats, mini sheep, and, of course, horses, which can be rescued, bred, purchased, customised, and raised from foals.

Sims not afraid to get their hands dirty have plenty of options on the ranch, from mucking out horse beds to harvesting prairie grass for the animal feeder, and it’s even possible to brew moonsh… sorry, Nectar, by smashing up fruit and veg then ageing the results on Nectar racks ready for sale. There’s also sheep shearing, goat milking, and other animal interactions.

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