Escape from Tarkov developer will ban dataminers and any players who share “hidden” information

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has vowed to ban “all personalities” found to have datamined “information that is intentionally hidden from users” and any players who share it.

In a statement, the studio defined what it believed datamining to be – the practice of “extracting information from massive datasets” and “illegal infiltration of in-game code and databases in order to extract information that is intentionally hidden from users” – and said that “in-game accounts involved in datamining and/or sharing data originating from datamining” will be banned, and “further actions taken afterwards”.

“Throughout the past few years, there was an increase of datamined information circling around various websites as well as accounts on social media,” the team explains. “While some players believe that the developers of Escape from Tarkov are not sharing information about hidden changes of the game, we also would like to remind that any data retrieval without official permission is a direct breach of […] the license agreement.”

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