Sons of the Forest’s latest patch introduces a new boss, a new end-game cutscene, and drivable golf carts

The latest Sons of the Forest patch introduces drivable golf carts, decorative animal heads, and a new boss battle and end-game cutscene.

Along with the usual list of quality-of-life and bug fixes, Endnight Games’ latest patch, Patch 07, continues to build on the survival horror’s impressive launch by introducing several new features, as well as improving the hitherto stark environs to the east side of the map. Oh, and there are new dedicated servers, too.

“This patch adds a new boss battle along with a new cutscene to the end of the game, as well as drivable golf carts, a rifle which can be found in one of the caves, frogs that sit on lily pads and chirp, the ability to chop heads off dead animals and use them as wall decorations, a bunch of stone building improvements and lots more,” the development team explains.

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