Alan Wake 2 is digital-only because it gives Remedy “more time to polish”

As we learned in May, from an FAQ provided by developer Remedy, Alan Wake 2 will only have a digital release when it launches on October 17th later this year, with “no plans” for a physical release on disc at the time.

This has naturally sparked some concern among certain fans, with digital-only downloads posing issues for both game preservation, as shown by the closure of the Nintendo 3DS eShop in March this year, as well as ownership rights, exemplified by the infamously de-listed survival horror spinoff PT.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Summer Games Fest earlier this month, Alan Wake 2’s creative director Sam Lake and game director Kyle Rowley gave us a little more detail on the reasoning behind going digital-only, explaining that, actually, it was to allow Remedy more time to polish the game to an acceptable level – something publisher Epic Games had also been on board with.

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