Diablo 4 PC Load Times May Get Much Better In The Future

Provided you have the necessary hardware, Diablo 4 load times should be getting faster in the future. Although the game does not yet support Microsoft’s DirectStorage functionality, Blizzard has confirmed it is on the way.

The Diablo 4 team told PC Gamer, “MS DirectStorage is currently not enabled, but we are planning on enabling it in the future.” Some eagle-eyed players spotted DirectStorage files in the game’s beta. The team did not reveal any further details of when the feature would arrive on the PC version of Diablo 4.

DirectStorage enables PCs to take full advantage of solid state drives, a la the fast loading time tech used in the Xbox Series S|X and the PS5. With DirectStorage, the GPU can decompress assets, taking the load off the CPU and enabling quicker load times. Implementation of the feature does require extra developer work. So far, the only game to have DirectStorage compatibility on PC is Forspoken, which loads in two seconds with the right SSD.

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