How To Get Excalibur In Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy games are well-known for sporting ultra-powerful optional weapons for its protagonists to seek out and wield to devastating effect, and rest assured that Final Fantasy 16 is no different in that regard. Getting your hands on the extraordinary power of the legendary sword Excalibur isn’t going to be a quick and painless affair, but you may find that it’s well worth the trouble. Here’s how to get Excalibur.

How to get Excalibur in Final Fantasy 16

Excalibur is unlocked by crafting it during the “Blacksmith’s Blues II” side-quest, which you can obtain at the Hideaway from Blackthorne the Blacksmith around the time you’re in the midst of the main story quest “Out of the Shadow.” Unlocking this optional quest will obviously require you to first complete the initial “Blacksmith’s Blues” quest, though.


Check later the notes on your desk to read a letter called “About Blackthorne,” then head and speak with Blackthorne himself. Once you’ve started “Blacksmith’s Blues II” and chatted with Blackthorne and Charon, you’ll need to head to your map and fast-travel to Dalimil Inn to speak with Ignac. You’ll find him upstairs in the tavern, and he’ll ask you to retrieve something from some bandits.

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