How To Start Destiny 2’s New Exotic Fish And Broken Blade Exotic Quest

Some of Destiny 2’s Exotic quests are clearly telegraphed and presented in a way that makes them hard to miss. Others are far more secretive and hidden, including one that appears to have been added just recently but is seemingly not yet available in full. This new Exotic quest involves catching an Exotic fish, something called a Broken Blade, and those mysterious Deep Dive statues. While we don’t yet know all the details–or even what the reward is–below we’ve outlined what we have figured out, such as how to get started on this new quest, which is likely time-gated over some period of time.

How to start: catch an Exotic fish

At least to start, you won’t see anything in your quest log about a new Exotic to acquire. Instead, you simply need to know that this quest exists and go about acquiring an Exotic fish. Make sure to grab the Fishing Rally quest from Hawthorne at the Tower, too, since you’ll be doing a lot of fishing and can make progress on that simultaneously. This is a new quest that was introduced on June 20, coinciding with this Exotic quest.

You can consult our Destiny 2 fishing guide for more details on how fishing works if you haven’t done any yet, but it appears you’ll want to start by fishing on the Throne World, where you can get the Whispering Mothcarp. This appears to be exclusive to the Throne World, with an exclusive Exotic fish also set to come to the other two destinations with fishing ponds (Nessus and the EDZ).

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