Super Mario Limited-Edition Oreos Are Available Now

Everything is Mario lately, as between a super-successful movie, Jack Black’s chart-topping ballad to Princess Peach, and a new 2D Super Mario Bros. game this year, Nintendo’s favorite plumber is seemingly everywhere. Could Mario’s rise to stardom get any sweeter? Absolutely, if you’re looking for a great snack. Limited-edition Super Mario Oreo cookies have arrived.

The Super Oreo Bros.
The Super Oreo Bros.

Available to preorder directly from Oreo and at major retailers from July 10, this line of Oreo treats features 16 unique designs engraved into dunkable chocolate cookies. Mario, Luigi, and Bowser are all featured, and like previous Oreo collaborations, this will be a limited-edition run. Sadly, you can only buy one pack per order from Oreo. Another downside: they only cost $5 per pack but Oreo charges $10.50 to ship them. Yes, that seems a bit ridiculous.

Can you bank on an ultra-rare Mario Oreo as your golden ticket toward a comfortable retirement? A $6,000 eBay listing for an Oreo Mew says maybe.

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