Hearthstone “Titans” Expansion Brings Warcraft’s Gods Into Play

Hearthstone’s next expansion will be named and themed after the most powerful beings in the Warcraft universe: Titans. The new set will introduce 145 new cards, including 11 Legendary “Titan” cards to represent each of Hearthstone’s classes. The expansion will also include a new keyword, Forge, and the return of the Magnetic keyword. The new expansion is coming on August 1, and starting July 27 you can login for a free Prison of Yogg-Saron legendary neutral card.

To match the theme, the Titans will be extra-powerful in a few different ways. Each comes with a passive ability, along with three active abilities that can be tapped in whatever order you choose, similar to the single-ability Locations. Once you’ve tapped all three, the Titan will be able to attack normally using its regular attack and health stats.

The expansion will also introduce a new Forge keyword. For the cost of two mana, you can drag a Forge card to your deck to hammer out an extra ability. The upgraded version will then return straight to your hand. This will be added alongside the return of the Magnetic keyword, which lets Mechs stick to each other and combine their stats. But in a major revision, Magnetic cards will no longer require an empty space on the board to play.

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