Hitman Developer IO Interactive’s Upcoming Fantasy Game, Project Dragon, May Be An Xbox Exclusive

IO Interactive, the team behind the popular Hitman series, is working on a new fantasy RPG. And, according to internal Microsoft documents, it might be an Xbox exclusive.

The news comes from a collection of emails and documents presented during the FTC trial (via IGN), which revealed that Xbox would be working with IO Interactive. On page 33 of the PDF file–under the “Expected Release & Previously Shipped Games” section at the very top–you can see the upcoming IO game listed as “Project Dragon.” Under “Platforms,” it reads “PC, X|S,” with the genre being noted as RPG Shooter.

Also pointed out by the IGN report, the documents stated that Project Dragon is “for XGS Publishing,” aka Xbox Game Studios. IO Interactive had announced that it was working on a fantasy RPG, but never referred to it as Project Dragon.

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