James Gunn Calls For An End To “Lazy” Storytelling In Superhero Movies

James Gunn, the newly appointed co-boss of DC Studios, recently shared his thoughts on the state of superhero movies in an interview on the Inside of You podcast. While acknowledging the abundance of superhero content, Gunn stressed that lazy storytelling is a more pressing concern.

Gunn assured fans that DC Studios would exercise caution and avoid overextending itself with content as it launches a new DC Universe. This includes highly anticipated projects like Gunn’s Superman: Legacy. “We’re going to be very careful with the product that we put out and making sure everything is as good as it can possibly be,” Gunn said (via Variety).

However, Gunn expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of superhero movies. “People have gotten a little lazy and there’s a lot of biff, pow, bam stuff happening in movies, and I’m watching third acts of superhero films where I really just don’t feel like there’s a rhyme or reason to what’s happening…I don’t care about the characters. And they’ve gotten too generic,” Gunn said.

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