Microsoft internal documents reportedly show it considered buying Sega, Bungie

As Microsoft’s court battle with US antitrust agency the FTC rumbles on, more and more juicy snippets of behind-closed-doors business doings are beginning to surface via released internal documents, and today’s minor revelation comes via the news that Microsoft reportedly gave serious consideration to buying Sega – and other companies including Bungie and IO Interactive – to help it accelerate Xbox Game Pass.

This little bit of what-might-have-been comes via internal Microsoft documents spotted by The Verge, beginning with an email from Xbox boss Phil Spencer to CEO Satya Nadella and Microsoft CFO Amy Hood, requesting strategy approval to approach Sega Sammy about a potential acquisition of its Sega games division.

Spencer suggested Sega’s “well-balanced portfolio of games across segments with global geographic appeal” would help Microsoft “accelerate Xbox Game Pass both on and off-console”, and that Sega’s “beloved IP” would be particularly effective in helping Games Pass reach new audiences in Asia, “where localised content is critical to success”.

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