Yu Suzuki’s Space Harrier successor Air Twister heading to PC and consoles

Air Twister, the on-rails 3D shooter and Space Harrier spiritual successor from legendary Sega designer Yu Suzuki is heading to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on 10th November this year.

Air Twister, which launched for Apple’s Apple Arcade subscription service last June, sees players battling alien invaders through 12 stages – and across various modes including Arcade, Turbo, and Boss Rush – to save a planet from destruction using their trusty homing arrows.

The ensuing action is a bit Space Harrier and a bit Panzer Dragoon – at certain points players take to the skies on the back of a giant swan – and Yu Suzuki has previously said Air Twister was inspired by a fantasy shooting game he envisaged in the 80s, before pivoting toward Space Harrier due to the technical limitations of the time.

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