Former Apple Arcade exclusive, ‘Air Twister,’ is coming to PC and consoles

There’s something so satisfying about finally getting to play the game you love on your console of choice. Rail shooter, Air Twister, is the latest video game to make the jump, with ININ Games announcing it will be released on PS4 and PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC. Air Twister first came on the scene in 2022 exclusively for Apple Arcade

Air Twister is the brainchild of Yu Suzuki, who designed classic hits like Out Run, Virtua Fighter and Space Harrier, and follows Princess Arch on a mission to prevent her planet’s total destruction (no pressure). Suzuki credits Air Twister as a twist on a game he first thought of in the 80s but wasn’t possible to create with the technology of the time. It features 12 unique stages and ten alien bosses — including a clock and candelabra that look straight out of Beauty and the Beast. You can choose from modes such as Boss Rush, Arcade and Turbo as you explore a series of minigames and unlock new challenges through the Adventure Map, all with the backdrop of new and rerecorded songs from Dutch composer Valensia.

You’ll have to wait until November 10th to help Princess Arch defend her planet from invaders on your PC or console. Until then, Air Twister is still available on Apple Arcade for iOS and Mac users. 

This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/former-apple-arcade-exclusive-air-twister-is-coming-to-pc-and-consoles-093516795.html?src=rss


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