Guidemaster: Track your health without ditching your mechanical watch

Watches and smartwatches

Enlarge / From left to right: Apple Watch Ultra, Shinola Bronze Monster, Oura Ring, Withings Scanwatch Horizon, a traditional ring, and Garmin Epix Gen 2. (credit: Chuong Nguyen)

Everyday carry enthusiasts typically face a conundrum when it comes to choosing between a smartwatch with all the benefits of modern wrist-worn tech or giving up tracking their health metrics in exchange for classic, mechanical watches. There are a few people who wear a regular timepiece on one wrist and a smartwatch on the other, but those drawbacks are obvious.

Fortunately, there’s a growing selection of wearables that offer the tracking power of an Apple watch without taking up space on your wrist. These allow you to wear a mechanical watch for timekeeping while a health-tracking device feeds data to your phone. If you care about sleep metrics, step counts, heart and respiration rates, blood oxygen levels and still want to wear your mechanical watch, we’ve found three great wearable solutions for you.

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