Now Volvo is switching to Tesla’s charging plug

Now Volvo is switching to Tesla’s charging plug

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The inexorable rise of the North American Charging Standard continues unabated. On Tuesday, it was Volvo’s turn to be the latest automaker to negotiate access to Tesla’s Supercharger network for its customers beginning in 2024. But perhaps more importantly, SAE International will make NACS an official standard within the next six months. And that’s probably just what the rest of the auto industry needs to make the jump.

Is this a flood yet?

NACS is Tesla’s latest-spec charging protocol, which it opened up to other automakers in November 2022. At first, the sole taker was Aptera, but since that company still has not started selling cars, it remained a little theoretical.

It started looking a lot more real at the end of May. That’s when Ford said that from 2024, its EVs will be able to use the nearly 12,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America.

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