Podcast app Stitcher is shutting down in August

Stitcher is shutting down. The popular podcasting app and web service, which SiriusXM acquired in 2020 for $325 million, will close on August 29th, according to an FAQ on its website (viaVariety). The move appears geared toward drawing its user base into the broader SiriusXM platform.

“SiriusXM, the owner of Stitcher, is focused on incorporating podcasts into its flagship SiriusXM subscription business,” the closure note reads. “Subscribers can listen to podcasts within the SiriusXM app and will see an all-new listening experience later this year.” The notice added that Stitcher Studios and its Earwolf comedy network would continue making podcasts. Although Stitcher says its premium content may continue elsewhere, it adds that “hosts/creators will determine availability and accessibility of their shows.” The company recommends following your favorite podcast creators on social media to learn the fate of individual programs.

The platform has been a popular destination for exclusive and cross-platform podcasts. Stitcher’s original podcasts include Freakonomics Radio, The Video Archives Podcast with Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary, LeVar Burton Reads and Science Rules! With Bill Nye (among others). The app is known for its user-friendly navigation, wide-spanning library and discovery recommendations.

The company began as a startup, focused on its listening app, in 2008. Deezer bought it in 2014 and sold it to Midroll Media two years later. Finally, Parent company E.W. Scripps Company sold it to SiriusXM in 2020 — only for the satellite radio provider to announce its closure today.

Stitcher turned off automatic renewal for paid subscriptions today and detailed the refund process for premium customers. Those with existing subscriptions won’t need to take any action to cancel. Meanwhile, people with annual subscriptions scheduled to renew after August 29th will receive a prorated refund for the unused portion of the paid year. (You can read the full terms here.)

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