The Password Game will make you want to break your keyboard in the best way

Enlarge / Abandon all hope, ye who choose a password here. (credit: Neal.fun/Neal Agarwal)

I once worked at a small-town newspaper, part of a micro-chain of four publications. There was one young guy who oversaw “IT” for all four sites, and he occasionally tried to impose IT-like rules, like making us change our publication software passwords every few weeks. Did “password1234” protect our ink-stained souls, whereas “password123” would have meant doom? Who can say?

I chafed at this occasional performative security. In a fit of pique, I decided my rotating password scheme would be the IT manager’s license plate, followed by whatever I had for lunch that day. I thought myself quite clever, even if, a few months later, I forgot I had typed in “turkeyhoagie” instead of “turkeysub” earlier that new-password day, and I had to call said IT manager for a reset. I have no idea if he saw my password before he provided the replacement. I still felt clever, even in defeat.

“Clever, yet defeated” came rushing back to me as I marched through The Password Game, a web-based text box of tears from Neal Agarwal. The game has been trending its way through social media since its official release yesterday, and understandably so. We only get so many of these “Pure enjoyment on the web” moments each year, so I recommend you avail yourself of it as soon as you can.

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