The Sims 5 gets another airing as EA shares more early development experiments

The Sims 5 – or Project Rene, as EA is currently calling – is still some considerable way from release, but that isn’t stopping developer Maxis from showing off its early experiments exploring what this “next generation” Sims game could be – and the studio has now shared a little more as part of its latest Sims stream.

When Project Rene was officially unveiled in October last year, EA teased a game built on a foundation of “charming sims, powerful tools, and meaningful stories” that would be designed with real-time collaboration in mind (solo play is still supported) and be simultaneously playable across a range of devices, including mobile and PC.

At the time, footage was limited to some expanded creativity tools inspired by The Sims 3’s Create a Style options, but Project Rene’s latest airing in EA’s new Behind the Sims showcase (which also had a lot to say about horses) has gone into a little more detail about what The Sims 5 might look like if Maxis’ current experiments prove fruitful.

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